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Main Office Located at:


Room 3, Small Gate Shopping Center.


Bugema University Main Campus,


P.O Box 6529 Kampala Uganda.






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For the current social-economic struggle in Uganda, Mr. Otukol Emmanuel who in 2018 was a chaplain and teacher of Business at Brethren College Kiryagonja formed a team of students; they observed that the greater challenge was to equip students with entrepreneurship and personal development skills alongside academics in order to encounter the struggle. Thus the formation of “THE BUSINESS CLUBS® ” in February 2018





This is a holistic value based peer support and business skills training program for organized groups/clubs of students in schools. The groups/clubs and all their activities are registered under the WYF Uganda regional offices. Tailored to respond to the negative/destructive mindset that exposes young people to risks of life especially poverty and want and its shattering effects on human development/civilization. Interventions involve peer education, mindset change communication, business skill, life skills and values so as to respond to life's opportunities, challenges and other socio-economic development issues.




The program focuses on;



Leadership training for club leaders, professional staff, aspiring entrepreneurs and patrons.

Conducting/coordinating meetings and events.

Initiating, organizing and sustaining business focused activities, methods of establishing linkage with other clubs/organizations to influence action.

Planning and valuating workshops, seminars, conferences business tour, exhibitions and other events.

Establishing and managing business ventures/projects.








i) Vision, "To Make Every Out Student In Uganda an Independent Resource For Development".

ii) Mission, “To promote the development of entrepreneurship skills in the learner while in the school and beyond in order to awaken their potential to become self-employed.”


iii) Goals and objectives.


The club shall aim at achieving the goals and objectives below;


Ø To prepare learners for self-employment after school and become independent.


Ø To help learners pass their examinations.


Ø To give learners the practical experience to do business.


Ø To improve the learners entrepreneurial competencies.


Ø To help the learners apply the in class learnt knowledge/skills and attitude.


Ø To inspire members to succeed in the business world after school.


Ø To develop the natural talents and abilities which are endowed to the members for a better future


Ø To enable students enhance their leadership skills in the business environment.





The club shall undertake the following activities;


Project formation and operation in order to enable learners acquire practical experience of doing business. e.g Tree planting, Poultry, Commercial farming, Trade, Commercial services. Etc

Liaising with the school administration/ patron(s) to organize/attend business field trips, Seminars, Conferences, discussions, Tours, Trips, and Trade Expos to help master business subjects’ concepts

Bring guest speakers or skilled trainers to talk to and to skill members.

Participating/ Involving in inter-club, local, national and international events.






Full membership shall be open to all current students in the school/institution who may apply for registration in the club.


Associate membership shall be open to all OBs, OGs, Staff and Parents, Community members, organizations or companies that may have interest in the club.




Application for membership in this club by anyone willing to join shall be accepted but shall be through an application form.

The application for form shall be received by the club general secretary then forwarded to the executive committee to be endorsed by the club chairperson/president.

All members registered in the local group/club are definite members of WYF Uganda as an Organization.




For a person to become a full member of the club they shall be required to buy a membership/business pack and a subscription fee that shall be determined by the executive from time to time under the guidance of the patron(s).


These are intended to generate funds to facilitate club activities.





All full members of the club shall enjoy equal rights and freedom of everything organized by the club e.g.


Ø Freedom of assembly, association and expression of opinion.


Ø Freedom of participation in all the proceedings of the club meeting.


Ø Freedom to be nominated or nominate or be elected/appointed to any office of the club.


Ø Being registered in the register of members of the club after payment of the requirements.


Associate members


Ø Shall participate in all club activities


Ø Shall participate in decision making on club matters


Ø Shall have no voting rights


Ø Shall be registered in the club register


Ø Shall not be eligible for election/appointment to any office in the club.




Ø All members shall abide by the provisions of this constitution and amendments thereof.


Ø All full members are expected to regularly attend all club meetings legitimately organized by the executive unless when there is a sound reason for not attending.





a) Executive Committee Meeting (ECM).

· This shall be a meeting of only members of the Executive committee; this meeting will be presided over by the club president.


· The executive committee meeting will be held at least once in a term and to proceed, it must have a quorum of 2/3 of members present of which one must be the president/ his/her vice.


· A notice of 14 days shall be given to the members of this committee prior to the meeting specifying the date, venue, agenda and time.




b) General Meeting (GM).

· This shall be an assembly of all members of Club and any invited guests.


· It shall be held once within the last two weeks of every term.


· It shall be preside over by the club speaker.


· It shall receive and discuss the club’s report.


· It shall discus and approves the plans and budgets.


· It shall have the responsibilities of voting in new office bearers.


· These could also be called any time when need arises as when there are important issues to decide or need approval of the General Assembly.


· It shall receive and discuss all achievements and challenges of that term.


· It shall discus and approves the plans and budgets for the next term.


· New club members will be welcomed and initiated on this event.


· On this event, different achievers will be awarded/ promoted.




c) Business Building Seminars (BBS).

· These shall be held once every month.


· This event shall be open to all the members of Club and invited guests.


· If in that same month there is an event stipulated on the year event planner, the meeting will be combined with that event.


· This meeting must be purposely for marketing the club and its products to members and non members.


· On this event, different achievers will be awarded/ promoted.




d) Weekly Meetings.

· These shall in form of lectures/workshops or trainings held in a week.


· It shall be for members and invited non members only.


· This meeting must be purposely for Production, learning skills, Topics and Discussions.




e) Extra Ordinary Meetings

· May be called any time by the Executive Committee or the club members.


· This can be called by a written demand by at least 1/3 of the members, stating the reason for demand.


· If the Executive committee fails to respond or call for a meeting demanded under the provision of the CLUB constitution within 21 days, the members of CLUB may go to the patron who shall advise and take action to the matter.




Formation of WYF Business Clubs.

The clubs are autonomous but registered under the WYF regional Office.


Every club should have minimum membership of 20 members with a Patron/Animator who is a role model and a mentor. He/she with the executive and members will manage all the activities of the club and liaise with the regional coordinator of the clubs for exchange of ideas and to take part in the inter-club activities as organized and communicated by the coordinators.


The clubs are established only in Schools with permission of the administrators, this is to motivate youth to join, pursue higher in school.


Adults (age 35 and above) who wish to get involved as club advisers become associate members without power to cast a vote.




Phases of Implementation

The business club program is implemented in two phases, in which the second builds the first acknowledging that mindset and attitude change are possible processes.




Phase One, Group development activities.

Group development activities aim at helping young people understand the power in teamwork, exploring together the destructive mindsets that they may be involved in and the reasons/factors that lead to such mindsets.


These include;


· Poverty sensitization seminars.


· Mindset change communication.


· Joint business ventures, projects and investments.




Phase two,

A) Peer sustainability activities.

These activities aim at helping young people internalize life-planning skills, values and adopt attitudes that lead to enduring mindset change.




The main activities include;


· Infotainment activities {such as videos, audios, books, etc.}.


· Talk shows { inform of debates and discussions}.


· Choose freedom seminars. These are life planning skills development programs for young people that aim at encouraging youths to initiate change in their risky financial behaviors.


· Finance educators development program. The use of finance educators as a means to effective mindset change is born out of studies in finance psychology with mentors and contact with various successful entrepreneurs or similar clubs, this proved that mindset change can be effected through using peer influence.


B) Leadership/Profession & Entrepreneurial Development Program.

This is a capacity building for club leaders, professional staff, aspiring entrepreneurs and patrons. It involves empowering beneficiaries with skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for the effective and efficient management business clubs in schools.





Group Registration



The group/club must apply in writing after a being passed in a meeting, attach a list of willing participants, an approved documents of establishment (constitution), organization structure and a one page business description of the group/club.



On application, the group/club should submit a registration fee UGX 200,000/= and UGX 10,000/= WYF Uganda membership fee for every willing participant. (All refundable if application is denied).



In 6 months after application acceptance, the group/club and each member is required to buy a minimum of 20 or 1 share(s) respectively in WYF Uganda, each share at UGX 10,000/= and buy a beginner 1 network Investments (See Net Affiliates- Network Investments guide) to acquire a License/Certificate and Membership cards in contentment of being fully registered. Failure to meet the 6 months period will mean membership termination and reapplication.





A nominal termly/semester subscription fee given by every member will be decided by the group/club as a one of the methods to raise funds that run the group/club activities and operations.


(Note; All subscription should be valued as Shares, reclaimable and profitable in form of dividends at the end of each term.



A annual membership renewal fee of UGX 200,000/= for the group/club and UGX 10,000/= for each member will also apply.



Any group/club, member, individual, business or organization who wishes to partner or provide services/products to or via WYF Uganda should;




· Be fully registered with WYF Uganda or the government.

· Regularly make orders of supplies through the WYF Uganda regional office, this is in order to make it easy, cheap(discount) and to support other groups/clubs, member & partners of WYF Uganda who produce the required products and services.

· Accept a service tax of 2% on every sale or payment to support the operations of WYF Uganda.

· Submit a progress report quarterly (if registered under WYF Uganda).



Eligibility of Members for election on the Executive;


· Candidates must have a minimum of 5 shares in WYF Uganda.

· Candidates must All candidates should be fully registered members of both the local group/club and WYF Uganda.

· All have been with the group/club for at least three months.

· Candidates must be very committed to upholding the Mission, Vision, Aims and Values of the WYF Business clubs and the organization as a whole.

Structure of the WYF Business Clubs;


NB. The group/Club can use their current leaders/officers and structure incase of an already existing committee and fill the missing positions as mentioned below.


The structure of the Business club Executive Committee These committees shall consist of;


Ø The club patron(s)


Ø The club regional office coordinator (Club elder)


Ø The club president/chairperson


Ø The club vice-president/chairperson


Ø The club finance secretary/treasure


Ø The club general secretary


Ø The club program & events secretary


Ø The club publicity secretary & speaker


The two committee members.






















(1 TIMOTHY 4:12)





(C) WYF Uganda 2018

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